Face Material with exceptional dimensional stability, weathering, and aging characteristics.
Used widely in household products, water bottles, detergents, and cosmetics due to outstanding clarity and gloss. Preferred face material in the electronics and pharmaceutical industry, for transparency and stability. Other applications include transparent labels, two-way signs, window emblems, and document protective coverings.
Various metallic finishes available for decorative label applications for appliances, high quality products, and cosmetics.

Products with good conversion and application properties.
Polyethylene labels are widely used on squeezable bottles and cans such as shampoos, and toiletries, and the food processing industry for its softness and conformability.
Also, frequently used on signs, emblems, and applications where strength needs to be combined with a high quality look.
Polypropylene labels are used in the cosmetics, advertising, ice cream, and household products industry for its good stiffness, dimensional stability, and mechanical resistance characteristics.
Both products exhibit good printability, and can be recycled together with the container.

Universally used for its excellent weather durability and water resistance.
Applications range from various indoor and outdoor promotional applications, advertising, decorations, and window stickers to protection films for photographs, decals, and point of purchase labels.
Superior printability and conformability allows for the use of vivid and eye-catching colors together with use on most surfaces.
Exceptional convertability allows for use of most printing process such as screen printing, offset printing, and smallsize die cutting for the creation of decals and stickers


The most common and widely used face material for a variety of Self Adhesive Labels. Preferred for general promotional and universal labelling applications.
Coated papers such as Art and CCP are used for labelling of food, drinks, household products, cosmetics, and toiletries. Woodfree(or Vellum) is widely used as labels for computer and video products.
Thermal (direct and transfer) are used for bar code identification and price marking in stores. A variety of colored labels are also available for promotions, office coding systems, and chemical product labelling.
Metallized finishes are also frequently used for cosmetics, sweets, and toiletries.


HI-PRO series
PATENTED Superior Removable type plastic material suitable for various applications such as silkscreen printed outdoor vehicle advertising and point of purchase labels.
Special automatic air venting structure for wide web printing applications and point of purchase labels.
Used at the final stage of sales, and for outdoor advertising to maximize customer exposure
and appeal.

Tyre Labels
Product developed with a focus on a special need :- adhesion and remaining on a newly made tyre.
The label requirement also includes the ability to remain on during the hot and humid environment encountered during containerizing, trucking, and transportation.
Developed over many years, Saelim Co., Ltd. products have a superb quality which has overcome the difficult surface and various additives which are inherent to a vehicle tyre.
Used by many tyre manufacturers whom attest to the superb quality of the product.

- Characteristics :
(1) resistant to temperature fluctuations
(2) high bursting strength, resistance to chemicals

Prime Labels

Labels for Household Products
Labels which are used to be eye-catching and to accentuate customer appeal from a limited shelf space. Labels used have to be composed of a material that has superior printing capabilities, and also has to be resistant to the various waters and chemicals which it will face over its lifetime in the kitchen or the bathroom.
- Characteristics : weather durability, resistant to water and chemicals

Labels for Foods & Beverages
Previously, product labels were used mostly to inform on brand names and the contents within. Nowadays, manufacturers and sellers are using the label to promote the product image and to stimulate customer appeal. Also, food and beverages labels have not only to stimulate customer appeal, but also to generate customer appetite. To do so, it is very important to select a label which is suitable to the characteristics of the package and to the printing method.